What's in a name?

For 14 years now we've been operating under the name The Muteki Corporation.

It was an intentional choice, given the way that we operated for most of that time. While our website and social media have always focused heavily on games and especially our own game projects, the reality is we've spent most of those 14 years working on projects for other companies to help pay the bills. A suitably boring "corporate" name was selected at the start knowing that was the plan.

But no more. We recently reevaluated our plans, and have re-focused soley on game development going forward. And it seemed fitting to do away with the Corporate naming. Now yes, technically we're still a corporation (but not an evil one, we promise!). But all that said, our new official name is:

Muteki Games Collective, Inc.

Yes, the rules state we need that Inc. there. But I think we can all agree a little Inc. is a lot less evil Corporation than, well, the whole Corporation in the name, right?