Welcome to 2015!

Hi there! My name is Anna Marie. I’m the social media and PR maven around here – if you’ve ever read a blog, received a press release, or received a tweet from us, that’s me! Hi! As things are pretty busy these days, I’ll be taking over some additional duties, including regular blog posts.

As the title says, welcome to 2015! We’re stoked for an exciting year. And we’re especially stoked for all the things we’re working on this year. One bummer: we can’t talk about them…yet!

The good news is, the first announcement should be coming in the next month. So, hopefully before the end of February we’ll have at least one exciting announcement for our loyal fans.

“But Muteki, seriously, what’s taking so long?”

Good question! And to answer, we’ll reveal a little secret most people don’t know: none of us work on these Muteki games alone. It’s what we do out of love, after the kids (and pets) are fed and those bills are paid. We’re blessed to have such patient families who don’t mind us using excess time to work on fantastic games.

In the meantime, we hope to provide more blogs for you through the year and on a more regular basis. If there’s a topic you’d like us to touch upon, shoot us a message on Facebook or tweet us!

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