Dragon Fantasy: Black Tome of Ice release update

I wanted to post a quick update on where the various releases of this game are at:

First, PSN in the Americas region launched late March. Overall response has been pretty positive and we're happy to have finally released the game as we wanted it to be.

Unfortunately not everyone has it yet...

PSN in the European region

Obviously we weren't able to hit our goal of an April release. Initially this is because we were updating the Vita version of the game to include the new features so that we could launch BToI in Europe as cross-buy on both PS4 and Vita. Now we hit (another) annoying paperwork issue that is slowing us down. The short version is that the Vita build will be going into final testing with Sony this week but we're not yet able to submit the PS4 build for final European testing. As soon as the paperwork is all cleared up we'll be submitting that build as well and once they're both approved we'll have our final release date and will announce it.


As with Volumes of Westeria, Choice Provisions is publishing BToI on these platforms for us. The last update we've gotten is that we'll have our official release date any day now, so it's coming soon!


Again, this is up to Choice Provisions but our understanding is that we're ready to go here and they'll be launching alongside the other new builds they're publishing. As soon as we have specifics we'll let you know.