Super Jetpack Dragon IV...again?

We've previously posted about the 1.2 update for Super Jetpack Dragon IV...some 6 (yes, in half a in FOREVER in indie-game-dev-land) months ago. And still the update never landed. And why is that? Because somewhere along the way we grew much bigger plans for our favorite little jetpack-wearing Dragon.

We have a series of updates being readied as the content is prepared...

Super Jetpack Dragon IV's page...

And in this first update:
Game Updates:

  1. All new graphics!
  2. Beware the pouncing tigers!

Device Specific - for iOS Devices:

  1. Game Center support!
  2. Retina Display support!
  3. TV/VGA-out support!
Device Specific - for the Mac:
  1. Fullscreen support!
  2. New icon! ('s something)
  3. My Highschool English teacher said if I make a list I have to have at least 3 things so...ummm...

But this is just laying some of the ground work...there's much MUCH more to come.
We'll make sure to post on our twitter when the update is submitted, so make sure to follow us @mutekicorp