Sneak Peek: Jetpack Dragon v1.2

Super Jetpack Dragon IV: Village Burntopia has been live for just over two months and in that time we've released our first patch, enabling you, the player, to collect gold coins, and get a first glimpse at Jetpack Dragon's arch-nemesis, Rocket Panda. Now it's time to look at what those gold coins are used for: the new item shop in Super Jetpack Dragon IV: Village Burntopia v1.2, coming soon...

Players of the current version of Jetpack Dragon are hopefully familiar with our in-game currency, the gold panda coins. Now with patch 1.2, we're adding the item shop where you can buy power-ups with those gold coins, to help you run farther, score higher, and devastate more!

So first, a glimpse at the shop:

A few of the new power-ups include:

Brakes Activate the brakes when you're running to fast and need to slow down a bit. This will slow you back down to the starting speed. You can cancel using the brakes by either jumping or performing your dragon dash. Be careful not to slow down too much, you don't want to miss a jump!

Bubble Shield Miss-time a jump or not have enough fuel to dash through a wall? No worries! Activate the Bubble Shield and you'll slowly float through all obstacles and rise up above the ground safely again until time runs out (or until you choose to turn the power-up back off). But beware, you don't earn any points while in the bubble shield so use it only for emergencies!

Fire Shield Jetpack Dragon is sometimes just too hot to handle! Enable your fire shield and watch the flames swirl around you, automatically destroying all obstacles and burning all villages until the time runs out. Feel the devastation!