Super Jetpack Dragon IV

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Take off on an adventure, and burn baby burn!

Jump, dash, hover, and burn your way through a never ending set of villages, great walls, and gates. How far can you get?

  • RUN – Play as The Dragon and run as fast as you can through the level — you get faster as you go so get your quick reflexes ready!
  • JUMP – Jump over gaps and walls, and jump high to collect items. It all contributes to your score!
  • HOVER – For when jumping just isn’t enough, activate your hover and fly long distances! Great for getting over large gaps or hovering over walls that you can’t dash through.
  • DASH & BURN – Burn villages and send villagers flying, and break down the walls in your way! Be careful though — you have a limited amount of fuel!

Super Jetpack Dragon IV also has a rockin’ soundtrack, great sound effects, leaderboards and achievements! Download it today and see if you can be the top dragon!

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