Our privacy policy is simple:

Any information we collect is used solely for the purpose of bettering our games.

We won’t sell your data, name, face, likeness, email, or other such information. We don't know these things, or in most cases even WANT to know these things. It's nothing personal, we promise, but the less we know, the less we have to keep safe.

We won’t harass you about things we don’t think you have an good chance of caring about. If you receive an email from us, it's likely that you contacted us, or have signed up to receive more information. If at any point you think you're getting emails you didn't ask for, yell at us by emailing and we'll right this perceived injustice.

Some of our games integrate with 3rd party platforms, such as advertising, analytics, and others. In that case, we can’t commit to what they do with your data, but even so, we only give them the data necessary to do their jobs.

We don't knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from anyone, and certainly not anyone under the age of 13.