It's a new year, time for some new things!

I'll keep this short and to the point, because we suck at updating this website. It's been over a year since the last update. We even »

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Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria Physical Release Update

Three months ago we posted that we were just about done with this special edition. We gave updates on where we were at, what else we've »

12 years later...

Muteki is now 12 years old. It's crazy to think both how fast the time has simply flown by, and how much we've done over those years. It's also crazy to think how little we've done publicly over the last five. Let us take this chance to right that wrong. »

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Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria Special Edition

So it's time for those details we've been promising. What is it? First, what is Volumes of Westeria? It's the updated release of Dragon Fantasy: Book »

It's that time again!

It's no secret we love GDC here at Muteki. It's a time to meet up with fellow indies and talk to friends we haven't seen in »