New Year's Resolutions, 2014 Edition

2013 was a pretty eventful year for us: Dragon Fantasy Book I & II both hit the US PSN. We attended both PAX East and Prime, AND we got to demo in Sony’s booth at E3. We also got pretty beat up in reviews, and we learned some hard lessons about when to know that you need more time before launch. We’re taking in the good and bad, and will learn from experiences good and bad.

But our core values – bringing awesome, fun, and sometimes hilarious games to our fans and providing an experiences while being as transparent as possible – isn’t going to change. We’re still here, listening and participating, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, our blog, and even Reddit, GameFAQs, NeoGAF and more. We’re everywhere...but we promise not to get too creepy.

With this in mind, here are our 2014 Resolutions to you, the fan:


Dragon Fantasy on the PSN was the first time we’ve dealt with the EU market, and it was unexpectedly difficult. Dealing with a larger variety of rating boards, most notably PEGI, was more time consuming than we anticipated when thrown into our busy production and show schedule. For that, we’re sorry – but we can’t stress enough now that we’ve been through the process, future titles will be more streamline.

While we originally said we couldn’t offer these titles as a bundle, we’ve worked with Sony over the last couple months and now we will be doing exactly that. Dragon Fantasy Book I & II will launch both as a bundle AND as individual games. We’re also looking at having a similar discount for PS+ members that we did on the US store. Best of all, if everything goes smoothly... crosses fingers...we’re looking at launching IN THE NEXT MONTH. Keep tuned to our social media and the PSBlog for a final date.


We were *really* hoping to see Book II out to our original platforms (iOS and Android, PC/Mac/Linux) in 2013. We elected to hold off these releases to patch Book II PSN (since there’s no point putting out a buggy launch on multiple platforms) then elected to hold off again until the New Year as we re-focused on the European release. While we don’t have a firm date for these currently, we hope to have more information within the next two to three months on the progress of these versions.

The good news is that the delay has allowed us to add a new layer of features specific to certain platforms: for example, the iOS and Android versions will support many controller accessories. We’ll have a list of sample compatibilities closer to the game’s launch.


If you’ve been following our social media for a while, you’ve probably seen us tease these screens, and we’re pleased to confirm there’s more coming. For fun, one day Adam decided to mock up how Dragon Fantasy Book I might look on a 3DS, and the results weren’t just ok, they were SUPER FREAKING FAN-TASTIC. We’ve tailored a lot of functions exclusively for the dual-screen nature of the system and we’re taking notes as we go along to ensure these neat ideas get ported into the upcoming mobile and computer versions of the game when they make sense.


You asked, we’re answering! In the new versions of Dragon Fantasy Book I&II, we’re including things such as on-screen enemies for Book I, a beastiary, intuitive multi-item purchases, and many many more small tweaks. Initially these changes will first be seen in the 3DS port of Dragon Fantasy Book I, with other systems to follow.


So, what do you think of our resolutions? Is there something you still want to know about? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter!