New Dragon Fantasy: Book I Patch Inbound

We will be rolling out a patch as quickly as we can get it through testing and certification.  This patch will fix a crash bug specific to the PS3 version.  The same crash bug was actually discovered in Dragon Fantasy: Book II and we were able to port the solution back into Book I, and the patch is going in to Sony as quickly as possible, so we're hoping it'll be out shortly after that.

We've also taken this opportunity to reduce the miss rate across the board - currently the miss rate is calculated based on your hit percentage minus the enemies evade percentage. We're now adding 1 and dividing everything by two, so if you have a 85% chance to hit and the enemy has a 10% chance to evade, it would be like this:

0.85 - 0.10 = 75% chance to hit

(0.85 - 0.10 + 1.0) / 2.0 = 87.5% chance to hit.

Thank you everyone who submitted a bug report -- it was extremely helpful in nailing down the issue in a rapid fashion.  Please continue to report any oddities along with the system you experienced them on to or drop us a line here on Facebook,  or tweet us @mutekicorp