Muteki Teams Up With Choice Provisions

Hi there! Anna Marie is here again, this time with the news that we’ve been working behind the scenes on for several months now, and we’re finally ready to pop the cork on this exciting announcement. We’re so happy to be teaming up with Choice Provisions, who will be publishing Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria and Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice moving forward in our favourite win/win situation. That's the updated name for Dragon Fantasy Book I & II!

Previously known as Gaijin Games, Choice Provisions are the rad guys and gals behind the Bit.Trip series, and most recently, Woah Dave! – whose lead console developer was our very own Adam Rippon. With Woah Dave! out the door, Adam’s now turned his laser eyes of DOO-I mean, his creativity back to Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria for 3DS.

With this new partnership, Muteki members like Adam get to work on making Dragon Fantasy 3DS feel like a unique game on that system, and other staff members can focus on things other than fighting across the ocean with rating boards. In exchange, Choice Provisions adds an amazing studio with a proven track record and exciting games (psst, that’s us!).

Because of this new connection, we’re ALSO able to bring a special treat to our fans. Not only is Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria & The Black Tome of Ice coming to Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) along with Nintendo 3DS, but they're ALSO coming to Wii U! This has been a frequent request from fans who are starved for classic JRPGs on their favorite system.

Keep watching for more news on how these new systems are developing and upcoming release dates!