Let's talk Bounty Hunts!

Being a famous adventurer isn't all slaying dragons, losing your hair, and saving princes from dark lords..not at all! A lot of the time you will be a real hero of the people, going out of your way to help them out with the problems of daily life, in a world full of weird rock monsters and wacky woodsmen. So, let's talk bounty hunts!

First off, what are bounty hunts? Well the name pretty much says it all: find a person who needs something done, decide to do it(or not) and then find and complete the mission. People offering bounty hunts are located throughout the world -- and not just in towns -- so keep your eyes peeled even in caves or dungeons. Just have to talk to them and they'll tell you what they want done and the area you'll need to go to in order to complete the hunt. Completing these bounty hunts will award the player with items, gold, and experience and serve as a nice way for the player to explore the world(which, if you didn't know, is gigantic compared to Book 1)

What kind of bounty hunts do we have? Right now we have three different types: Find/Capture/Slay.

Find - This hunt has you finding an item for a person. The people of Westeria seem to excel in leaving their belongings all over the place and it'll be up to you to return them to their owners! Sometimes these items will be located in an area close to where you pick up the quest while others will have you setting off to far corners of the world to find and return the item.

Capture - This hunt has you capturing an enemy or monster for someone. Sometimes it's a lost pet or a monster that the local law can't handle and need you to snag it for them. We discussed the monster capturing system at E3, and we'll do a deeper feature on this cool mechanic later as well.

Slay - Fairly simple one here! Find the target. Kill the target. Collect your reward. Yup.

I bet it's suddenly occured to you, "BUT WAIT! How am I going keep track of all this??"
Easily done with our handy new Quest Log! We'll have more on this handy dandy item closer to the game's launch. We hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek at Bounty Hunts, and remember, it pays to talk to NPCs!

So there you have it. A look at Bounty Hunts and the new Quest Log in Dragon Fantasy Book II!