It's that time again!

It's no secret we love GDC here at Muteki. It's a time to meet up with fellow indies and talk to friends we haven't seen in ages. It's also a great environment to be re-energized and find ourselves excited to get back to work. But there-in lies the problem...

It's been how long?!?

It's been 3 1/2 years since we last released a brand new game. That's insane. In that time we've added new features and content to existing titles and released on new platforms, but nothing completely new. That feels awful to put into writing. And sad. And maybe a bit shameful.

So clearly, it's time to fix this. But we can't yet. Why? We made a commitment. We said we would release a special edition of the first Dragon Fantasy game if the Book II/Black Tome of Ice special edition sold out. And it did, fast.

So next week there will be a blog post covering what will be in this special edition as well as a status update. And there will be another update every week after until the game is submitted and out of our hands.

And then?

And then, we announce what's next. And before anyone gets excited it won't be the next chapter of the Dragon Fantasy story. It may be a related side game or something completely different, that hasn't been decided yet. What is for sure is that we need to start releasing games again. New games.

And I don't know about you, but I'm excited.