Happy 15th Birthday, Muteki

It's absolute insanity to think that as this month comes to a close, it marks 15 Years of Muteki. Thinking back over the past decade and a half there have been so many ups and downs, and so many changes both in the technology we have to work with, the type of work we're doing, and even the company's name!

The past year has truly been one unlike anything we've experienced before, and as such has affected all our plans in ways we couldn't foresee. When typing up the brief 14th birthday post we talked about all the great projects in progress back when we thought everything would soon be returning to normal. It's been a learning process to say the least.

So what has the last year brought us? Well, we made a little progress on a game. And we made new deals with a brand new partner that has us helping bring an existing game to new platforms. And most importantly we're getting setup for a stronger future both creatively, and with all that icky business stuff like ensuring we have sufficient revenue streams and the ability to continue existing.

And what of the year to come? As was just mentioned we have a new game we're helping bring to new platforms, as well as many other titles that we help on. It's crazy to think that while we've only released a few games as "Muteki" there's approximately 50 games we've helped on over the past 15 years.

So thank you to our partners for continuing to enable us to exist, all of the fans out there for helping push us to want to create amazing games, and here's to the next 15!