Dragon Fantasy's Big Update, Part 2

Following our previous start to this blog series here, we’re moving on to the next additions coming soon to Dragon Fantasy Book I. The single biggest question we got from people after announcing the game's impending release on PS Vita/PS3 was about Trophies. Specifically, would we have them and how many?

So this week we’ll look at what we’re doing for Trophies, as well as some new content being added to the game.

Everyone Gets a Trophy

First, the basics. Yes we’ll have trophies, and no there won’t be a Platinum. It’s ok, we’ll wait for the “whaaaaaa?!?” to finish. Done now? Great. Why no Platinum? Well there are requirements for that, and with the multiple small chapters we just don’t meet them.

What will we have? About a dozen Trophies (or Achievements as we call them on the versions for other platforms) covering a range of feats, from completing each of the chapters of the game, to finding that one hidden scene in Chapter 2 that we’re pretty sure no one outside our office has ever seen. Ever.

We really hope these will give people a reason to enjoy another trip through the game’s chapters and give some hints of what’s there that people might not have been aware of. More than anything we’re just listening for what people want most and trying to make this the best version of Dragon Fantasy it can be.

But Wait, There's More

Improving what we have is important, but so is giving players something new! Chapter 2 has always been the chapter we’ve felt needed the most help, which also explains why it’s gotten the most updates since launch. And with this big update, we’re adding more.

To help smooth out the leveling and better guide players we’ve added a new dungeon to Chapter 2: The Tower of Trials. Inside this five story tower is a wealth of treasure and gear for Anders and his allies - and for those who haven't played in awhile, we added recruitable allies Punchibald "Punchy" Hammerstone and Casterella "Casty" Von Magicpants for Anders in the previous update.

And Then?

So far we’ve covered the revamped interface, the addition of Trophies/Achievements, and the Tower of Trials that was added to Chapter 2. What’s next? We’ll be back next week with another blog post to let you know what else is coming – and like we’ve said, things only get bigger from here.