Dragon Fantasy's Big Update, Part 1

In August we announced on the official PlayStation Blog that we would be releasing Dragon Fantasy Book II for the PlayStation Vita and PS3 early next year.

With the awesome response and a large demand for the first game on those systems, we knew we had to make it happen. We didn't want to just push a port of what we already had - this was our chance to really make this game shine.

So where to begin...

This blog series will cover a number of changes we’ve made to the game in this big update.

We’ll start with replacing what was in our opinion the most frustrating part of the first game: the inventory UI. No longer do you have to scroll through a page of herbs to find that one lone antidote to cure your poisoned allies. We took the whole main interface we had been working on for Book II and brought it home to the original!

First, let's look at what we had:

The main interface filled the entire screen keeping you from seeing much of anything. Four massive buttons filled the view keeping any useful information at least a page away. Items were even worse. Each item in your inventory took up a separate line, and there was no support for stacking items to save space. Trying to find a single item buried in between pages of herbs and antidotes was a pain!

So what do all of these look like now?

Your party is visible at a glance immediately when pulling the screen up. The navigation is now handled with the tabs across the top instead of four huge buttons filling the screen. The inventory now supports stacking, making it a lot easier to find the item you’re looking for.

What next?

This is just the first of many changes we've made to make this the best version of Dragon Fantasy Book I available. We'll post about the changes we've made every week until the update is finished, so check back and see what’s changed next... it only gets bigger from here.