Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria Physical Release Update

Three months ago we posted that we were just about done with this special edition. We gave updates on where we were at, what else we've been working on, and asked for some input on if Vita was still a platform that our fans cared for.

And you responded.
Boy did you ever respond.

So we heard you, loud and clear. Vita will be included in the physical release as originally planned!

So where are we at then?

Well, we last announced we were doing final testing. We found some things that we didn't like as much as we thought. So we fixed them. Then we tested some more, and fixed some more things. Remember, this isn't just a small new intermission chapter we've added, but all of the new features that were added in the 3DS/WiiU versions of the game, and a brand new trophy set (yes, with a platinum) as well.

Today we feel comfortable announcing that the game will be submitted in the month of August to Sony. Following that is their internal testing, and then production times. Once we get timelines on all of that we'll be able to, along with LimitedRun, announce when the physical copies will be available for sale.

Look forward to some follow-up posts when we've submitted, when we enter manufacturing, and most importantly, when we can announce the for-sale date!