Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria Special Edition

So it's time for those details we've been promising.

What is it?

First, what is Volumes of Westeria? It's the updated release of Dragon Fantasy: Book I.
It contains the original game, plus a number of new features (some of which you can find mentioned here. It will be coming to PlayStation®4 as a digital release, as well as the PS4 and PS Vita physical editions care of Limited Run. But this is a special edition, so let's add some special.

And what's so special?

Every time we release a version of our games for a new platform we try to add something. Above, you can read what we added for the 3DS/Wii U release. First, we're releasing a new trophy set. So those of you who played the original can come back, play it on PS4 and enjoy new trophies, including a platinum this time.

But just a few new features we released on other platforms and new trophies aren't enough. So we're also adding a new short Intermission chapter. This one follows Ramona in the time between her appearances in Chapter 3 from Volumes of Westeria, and the beginning of The Black Tome of Ice.

And that status update we were promised?

There are a few stages that go into a release of a game, even an update to an existing title.
The main stages we're tracking are:

  1. Planning - done. We know what we're building
  2. Story - done. The story arch for the new intermission has been written
  3. Scripting - in progress. This involves the creation of the actual gameplay elements and is currently underway
  4. Updated trophy set - in progress. This can't really be called complete until the scripting is done
  5. Final testing - not yet started. Won't be done until we feel the scripting and trophy set are finalized
  6. Submission - not yet started. Won't be done until final testing is completed
  7. Pending release - not yet started. We'll get here once the submissions have been accepted and are just waiting on a release date for the digital copy, and the actual manufacturing of the physical.

This is fairly high-level, but hopefully enough to give you an idea of where we're at. We expect another update next week that will hopefully show the scripting nearing completion. The goal of this post is both more clarity to you, our fans, and also to hold ourselves accountable for getting this done.