Dragon Fantasy Book II Patch 1.01 Is Here!

We’re pretty excited to have been able to live up to our goal of getting this patch out within a week of the game launching. As those of you playing the game know, it’s a much larger game than anything we’ve previously made, and unfortunately with that came some bugs we weren’t able to find and squash in time for the initial launch. We're committed to giving our fans the best game experience, and we'll be working hard at providing patches in a timely manner.

Just as we committed, here is our first patch, one week after launch:

  • Performance improvements. No more stuttering during quick-saves (or in general)!
  • Status change indicators now show up slightly after than hit point changes, rather than on top of each other.
  • The Smaaaash!! effect is less messy. Ogden and pals should no longer end up in quite so many odd places.
  • Selling items to the shop no longer goes back to the top of the list every time (whoops, that was annoying!). Hold the direction buttons down to navigate through lists more quickly.
  • Taverns now show combatant levels when changing party members.
  • Beat up enemies are much less likely to break nets!

The update will also include many other small bug fixes, but we wanted to hit on the major points that players are affected by the most. Thank you everyone who has submitted their bug reports – your sharp eyes help us improve the game experience for everyone.

But we still need YOUR help.  We've immediately jumped into working on patch 1.02 to fix two critical bugs -- one affects Ander's story, the other affects Zara's story arc.
If you've experienced any freezing during either of these particular story sections, please leave us a comment or email us (support@mutekicorp.com) with as much detail as possible.  Please include the system you're playing on, who is in your party, and what you were doing leading up to the freeze/crash.  The more information we have on these two occasional issues, the faster we can fix them for everyone.
Thanks to all our fans for their continued dedication and watch for more news on the multiplayer patch coming later this year.