Dragon Fantasy Book I to launch for PS3 and PSVita in all SCEE Territories June 18th!

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Barring any more unforeseen delays (and let's be honest, there's been a few...), Dragon Fantasy Book I is set to launch on June 18th for both Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. The price is set at 6,99€. Please note this may vary from region to region and is only an estimate as we only set the suggested price, not the final price. We tried to make sure the price would not come in any more expensive for our European (and South Pacific) fans than the game is in the US.

As with the North American release, the game is cross-buy, meaning if you buy the game for one platform you'll be able to play it on both. The game also features Cross-Save allowing you to save your game on one system and load it on another!

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