Dragon Fantasy Book I - Patch 1.10 Coming Soon

Since our launch last week, we’ve seen an amazing outpouring of support – and of course, bug reports. While we’re deep into Book II production, that doesn’t mean we don’t still love Book I too, and we’ll be having a large patch hopefully next week which will correct some issues and address several player concerns. Right now the patch is going in to Sony as soon as we finish testing a couple critical changes, and we’ll keep updating Facebook & Twitter as we know more.

Patch 1.10 – PlayStation 3 & Vita

  • A run button. Not to be mistaken for a rum button, this will allow players to move a little faster in towns and dungeons.
  • In-game clock, so you know exactly how long it took you to earn that gold sword, before realizing it’s not actually a better weapon.
  • Choose music independent of graphics. Want 16-bit looks but 8-bit chiptunes, or 8-bit graphics and melodic SNES style music? You can do that starting this patch.
  • Start moving immediately after battles and scene changes while holding arrows.
  • Selector will no longer pop up during battle animations if you accidentally hit a button. Nor if you deliberately hit a button. Take that!
  • The quicksave will no longer allow you to respawn from your current location. While cool, that was actually unintended. No progress will be lost with this update to quicksaves.

Patch 1.10 – PS3-specific changes

  • Fixed more crash bugs, notably the ones in Jerald’s Chapter (Chapter 3) and at the end of the Minecraft Adventures (Chapter 4)

Patch 1.10 – Vita-specific changes

  • Update to the hit formula. Details can be found here

We’d love your feedback and are happy to provide any help we can. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at support@mutekicorp.com, tweet us @mutekicorp, or follow our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mutekicorp