DF:VOW for PS Vita releasing digitally on January 17th

After multiple delays, we're happy to announce that the Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria update will finally be coming out digitally for PS Vita fans that weren't able to snag a physical edition. It should be available when the store updates on the 17th. That's just a few days away!

As a reminder, this isn't a full new game, but rather an update to the previously released Dragon Fantasy: Book I that released all the way back in 2013! No, we can't believe it's been that long either. However, due to major changes in the game code and maps, we're not able to supply this as an update to the existing game and it's instead being listed on the store as a separate game.

What does this mean to you, oh faithful fans that already purchased the game all those lovely years ago? Do you have to buy it again?

Absolutely not! We've worked with the amazing people at Sony to ensure that all of you who own the previous copy of the game should get this one for free. However with that, it also means we're removing the old game from the store. So, after the 17th you'll no longer be able to download the older version anymore. Better get those trophies while you can! And if you DIDN'T own the previous version of the game, well, now you can get the latest and best version for the low low price of $9.99. What a steal!