Catching up...

Hello #iDevBlogADay'ers and other readers!
It's been quite a while since we've posted, mostly because it's just been so very busy! And what have we been so busy with?

More Dragon Fantasy updates...

Well first of all, we've had a few Dragon Fantasy updates, including the recently released Dragon Fantasy 1.2.0 update. We added another new chapter in that update with another ~10 hours of gameplay. And other than a few typical complaints (omg it's more than $0!!!) the reception has been great.

On top of that, we just recently released this same version for PC on Indievania! Standard arrow keys / space / escape controls on that version, but we're testing out the popular-on-PC "pay what you want" method...we'll see how that goes (and maybe do a post about what people actually choose to pay after we get enough sales to make some useful speculation). Mac version will be out any day now once we get around a few Mac App Store requirements...


Along with that update, we were one of the indies showing our game at Minecon last month. It was a blast, both in getting to see so many kids playing (and loving) the game, and in getting to hang out with some fellow indies. Speaking of the kids...WOW. Never would have guessed any gaming convention, especially one in Las Vegas, would have been so full of young kids but hey, we won't complain. Plus, it seems that Minecraft is getting them into the retro-style of games which is all good as far as we're concerned!


Lastly we just moved out of our old offices and into our new so-much-more-indie digs. Instead of a very bland office surrounded by lawyers and finance people (no offense to any of you, you were great neighbors!) we're now in a much cooler building surrounded by design firms and architects.

We'll post some pictures of the new office once we get the rest of our furniture in place (you know, the necessities...arcade cabinets...kegerators...etc.)

So's been a lot going on (plus adding in the just-passed and upcoming holidays) and we've been keeping busy. More fun Dragon Fantasy (and other games?) updates, updated web sites, and a lot more to come in the next months...we'll be better about our regular posts!