The Battle of Pirate Bay

The Battle is On!

About The Battle of Pirate Bay

The fearsome pirate horde is on the way, and they're out to make all your base belong to THEM! The pirate wars have begun!

They say the best defense is a good offense, so take out the horde before they reach your base, using the three finest ships in your armada! The Schooner can catch up to your foes and take them out quickly. The Frigate has the largest stash of ammo. The mighty Galleon holds the most powerful weapons, and can devastate any oncoming ship with a single blow! And finally, in a pinch, let cannonballs take flight from your base's mighty long range cannon! But don't rely on it - that kind of power takes time to recharge.

Feature include:

  • A mighty armada of ships is yours to command!
  • An unlimited number of rounds! Stick your guns and fight off the pirates until they topple your base and pocket your treasures!
  • Touch and drag to control each ship in your armada, and click to fire the long range cannon from your base.
  • Automatic saving and resuming, pick up and play from where you left off at any time.
  • Tower over the rest with the online high scores (available with an internet connection)! Show the world who's boss!
    Per-round ranking to show how well you're doing.


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