A Sweet 16 for Muteki

We know, we suck at posting. We haven't posted since our 15th birthday post a year ago which sure, unforgiveable I guess. But on the other hand... we've been doing more and bigger things than ever before. I mean after all, posting is nice, but getting games out is even better, right?

Last year we worked with XSEED Games to bring Rune Factory 4 Special to more platforms. This year, we're working on something even bigger that we can't wait to tell you about.

What else changed over the past year? A new office location that was needed due to more hiring, more deals, more projects, more everything. It's crazy to think that after all the years and ups and downs and feast and famine that we're on track to have our best year yet. And not only that, but the future is looking brighter than ever!

So in an oddly non-rambling post for once we'll say thank you for your support over the years, thanks especially to everyone here at Muteki for the great work along the years, and thanks to all the partners we're working with.