2014, the half-way mark (more or less)

Here we are, a little more than half-way through 2014, and lately we've been completely slacking on keeping these posts going. We promised more transparency, so here you go - a quick catch-up on everything we have going on right now at Muteki!

So much already done, so much left to do

SCEE Dragon Fantasy Book I

This launched (at last!) last month. While we regret how long it took to get out there, we said we'd get it out and we followed through with that.

3DS Dragon Fantasy Book I

Our next big launch will likely be Dragon Fantasy Book I for the Nintendo 3DS (and 2DS). We're initially launching in North America, though we're already preparing for a European launch which will come a short time after (no, it won't take over a year this time!). A blog post will be coming next week detailing everything about this version of the game. We can't wait to show this off as the game is such a great fit for the platform.

PC/Mac/Linux Dragon Fantasy Book I coming to the Humble Store soon

A major update to Book I is coming to PC/Mac/Linux users as well! This will include most of the features of the 3DS release. In addition, there will be some PC-specific functionality...like modding. Yup, we'll be supporting player-created mods in Book I, including releasing our in-house Map Editor and scripting documentation to allow people to build their own 8-bit style RPGs using the Dragon Fantasy engine. And no, it's not RPGMaker. In the coming weeks we'll share a sneak peak at what that looks like.

PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android Dragon Fantasy Book II still to come

Once the releases of Book I on 3DS and the Humble Store are completed we'll be following up with our release of Book II for a wider spread of platforms. We'll have more details on what to expect as we get closer to release!

Whew, that's a lot

Clearly we've been keeping busy, with a lot more to come this year.

Stay tuned for updates on the above announcements and more over the course of the next few weeks!