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We take existing game code in English or Japanese and make it work on any platform and in any language.We can take ancient 8 bit games and modern console games and anything in between to every modern system, and we've shipped games on every major console since the Game Boy Color.

Our Code


Combining the collective creativity of our teams, we aim to create the most exciting new titles.Let's delight players around the world with what we build together!

Best Code


If you are just looking to get more performance from existing platforms, or fix hard to solve bugs, we can identify bottlenecks and deliver the best experience to all players.

About us

Our team has been bringing games to players since the original Game Boy.We specialize in moving your code from engine to engine, updating ancient, deprecated code, and opening up experiences to modern platforms and gamers.We excel at optimizing your titles for lower spec hardware and solving difficult code challenges.All in an effort to deliver joy to players regardless of hardware or platform.

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